S-FIT July - December

1 July 2024 to 16 December 2024 The Sands Social, 50 Keogh Street, Sandgate, QLD, Australia. A$0.00
Members of The Sands Social can enjoy free fitness classes every Monday in the Bunpin Bar and Lounge.

Classes will become visible to book two weeks prior to their date.

Zumba and Seated Zumba classes run for 45 mins.

Yoga classes run for 60 mins.

Please bring a water bottle and towel to Zumba. Please also bring a fitness mat to yoga.

Walk-ins are welcome however if the class is at capacity those that have registered will get first preference.

If you're unable to make a class that you've booked, please email kwsc_marketing@kedron-wavell.com.au

View K-FIT schedule from July to December 2024