Listen to the music - Remembering the Toombul Years with Barry Bull.

1 June 2024 1:30PM Kedron-Wavell, 21 Kittyhawk Drive, Chermside, QLD, Australia.

Listen to the Music - Remembering Toombul Shoppingtown 

You are invited to an afternoon of Words and Music from the man behind Toombul Music, Barry Bull.

Doors open 1.15pm for 2pm - 4.30 pm. Tickets $25.  includes afternoon tea refreshments and the bar is open for you to purchase drinks.

In 2008 the world Barry Bull lived in for the best years of his life, abruptly came to an end. The Internet invasion was rapidly changing the way music was sourced, and a 40 year Brisbane music institution closed. It was like a sonic comet had hit the earth, forever wiping out traditional music delivery systems. The days of an iconic music store like Toombul Music were over.

Sadly, the same is now happening to his old home, Toombul Shoppingtown. 

Musicians don't retire, they just stop when there's no more music and Barry never stopped 'listening to the music', particularly from his community.

He compiled a series of terrific touring tunes for Sony Music called 'Music for Cruizing' for the 'boomers' on the road in their RV'S, earning him an ARIA gold album award. He hosted many charity concert events for Hear and Say raising funds supporting hearing impaired children.

In 2019 Barry was awarded an OAM - Order of Australia Medal 'For service to the performing arts, particularly through music.'

Barry is frequently reminded of the mojo Toombul Music created with OZ music lovers, so decided to embrace its legacy by hosting a concert to celebrate his life in music and the closure of Toombul Shoppingtown. Who better to capture the nostalgia of era in music and retailing never to be repeated, than someone who was there.

Listen to the music - remembering the Toombul Years, is a 50 year career retrospective, from the golden days of rock 'n roll in the 50's to the digital age, revealing the highs and lows of Barry's multi award-winning retail icon Toombul Music with true-life stories, live music and video moments of rubbing shoulders with some of the world's biggest music superstars, and celebrating the legacy of Toombul Shoppingtown.